Friday, November 30, 2012

Who is This? Redux

After feeling like I was spiraling downward back towards the black hole of depression for a week or so, I managed to stop the descent and reverse courses. With the help of Freud, my pastor, journaling in this blog, staying on my meds and maybe a little dash of luck for good measure, I am back on an even keel.

No, life ain’t perfect. In some ways life downright sucks. On the other hand, I can get through anything if I put my mind to it. So life isn’t exactly how I want it to be. Oh well, it just is what it is. There are more important things than having a partner in life with whom you are well suited. It ain’t pretty, but I pick up the pieces from here and there and patch together a decent enough life.

I had an appointment with my psychiatrist today, and even she was impressed at how well I’ve turned things around since my last visit with Freud. She ordered refills of my “keep me less crazy” meds and reminded me that I’m not even close to the highest dosage on either of them so that if I ever feel myself spiraling down and am not able to pull myself up we can consider upping one or both meds.

Really, people, I’m almost starting to feel sane. “Normal” people have ups and downs, good days and bad, joys and sorrows. Dare I consider that I might be approaching this thing called “normal”?

And Now For Something Completely Different
(cue Monty Python theme song)…

And on an unrelated (or maybe it isn’t so unrelated) note, the Illini basketball team is actually not doing too badly… yet… this year. Of course, they weren’t doing too badly at this point last year, and we all know how that turned out. But let’s be optimistic. It’s good to see my boys working hard and to have a coach on hand who actually changes things up in response to what he sees happening on the court. And wow, a zone defense? Man, haven’t seen that Illini defensive strategy in years.

Ok, I may have to get on the Illini bandwagon again. The new coach is starting to win me over… but I’m not quite there yet. Let’s just go with cautious optimism for now. My prediction is they will suffer their first loss of the season later this month when they meet Mizzou at the Braggin’ Rights game. Then the true test will be how well they bounce back after that. The Big Ten (which is really 12 now and will soon be 14, but what’s in a name after all) is going to be a tough conference this year. Hopefully, this team will put the Fight back in Fighting Illini and make a respectable showing in the conference.

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Val said...

I'm witcha on the "more important things in life than a (good) partner" - and whaddaya know, once I quit stressing out about it, things got better!