Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Here's Part of My Problem

Another piece to the puzzle -- I can't stand to be without somebody, anybody, at all times. I can't stand the thought of being by myself for a while, taking some down time, even though many have suggested just such a thing. I have to keep looking, always on the prowl, always with someone standing by in case another falls by the wayside.

This is just a thought that popped into my head just now and therefore had to make its way onto the blog.


Trooper Thorn said...

Find something beyond yourself, or you will eventually explode from anxiety. Try reading this to start:


kimba said...

dja know.. that is what I used to think about myself too.. always always always there was someone..

I have a very good friend who is a musician. He wrote a song that starts.. "How can I expect, the love of another, when I can't stand myself."

The song is brilliant.. and.. those lines.. I am planning on getting a ring made up with those words stamped on the inside as a reminder that that is the source of happiness.. loving myself for who I am..

You'll be ok, True, if it is just you for a while. Turn your focus inwards and consolidate your learnings, take some time out to heal from the relationship with BJ.. dust yourself off and start all over again.. x

[my word verification is WISED.. so you better listen to me, OK?]

ginnyh said...

I am glad Trooper Thorn mentioned Eckhart Tolle, he is wonderful! And, Kimba made a good point, you have had two major things happen within a short space of time (breaking up w/BJ and letting W move back in) and you're not giving yourself time to adjust, grieve and heal. Everyone talks so much about loving yourself, like it is so easy to do---BUT, even though it really is quite difficult for some of us, it is in fact the only way to achieve true peace in your life.

Fusion said...

Totally agree with Kimba, and reading some self help books (I hate that term though) is good too. I did that last year as I spent the summer traveling around and realising I was OK by myself. It put me in a different frame of mind. Take a step back and refocus for a little while, it might help.

Val said...

[Now I know where to offload those Eckhart Tolle tapes of mine ;-)!]

Drama said...

I agree with Kimba... I know all too well what you are feeling, Girl. I have that very same affliction. The neat thing is, once you manage to be alone for a bit you start to like it, really really like it. That's when you finally realize that you don't need someone else, you may WANT someone else but it's not a need. It's because you want to share your life and the good with someone, not because you're looking to fill a void or an emptiness. It's totally about being able to accept yourself and liking yourself. You will get there. You deserve it.