Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Best Use of a Football Field

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oldbear said...

Hi Truey, the best use of a football field is for non-pro football.

The second best is for what Delta's Pinto and mayor Depasto's daughter Clorette did there in the moveie animal house. :-) !!

I do Love bands and parades and drill , but not as much as the hitting sport and the contact non-sport LOL.

oldbear said...

Hi lady, sorry about the loss of your mascot.

I am very sympatico to the native amercians about lots of stuff, and I understand why they had to ditch it (and even our Monty Montezuma-who is approved by Mexicanos Indigenos and was authentic).

But I also see why fans are ticked off about it :-( !!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to ask what you thought about the ditching of the mascot. Fortunately I don't think Oski the Bear offends anyone.