Thursday, February 08, 2007

I Generally Don't Stray Into Politics But. . .

I found this website, and I just can't at all stop myself from sharing. You'll notice a new countdown in my sidebar as well as here, and I just loved the following list from the site so I'll share it here too.

Top Ten Reasons to Own a Backwards Bush Countdown Clock Keychain:
1. Wearing one around your neck helps to keep Republicans away and smells much better than garlic.
2. Purchasing a BackwardsBush keychain instantly qualifies you for "Enemy Combatant" status.
3. You'll never again be mistaken for a Republican.
4. Now that Bush has his judges on the bench, the keychains will most likely soon be illegal (and therefore a collector's item).
5. Unlike Bush, our keychain has a 100% approval rating.
6. Carrying a BackwardsBush keychain will make it much easier on the Secret Service to identify you when they break into your house in the middle of the night to take you to Guantanamo.
7. In case of impeachment, keychain can easily be reset to reflect new departure date.
8. You might as well spend your money on a keychain now, because if social security gets privatized, you won't have any money left!!!
9. If you're reading this, the NSA is most likely already spying on you, so you might as well make it worth it!!!
10. Backwards Bush proudly supports Save the Children.

So I guess this leaves little doubt, if there ever was any, of my political leanings.


BJ said...

When you vote gop God kills a kitten. Dear God think of the kittens!

Sorry, old DU joke. ;-)

oldbear said...

Get some Truey...Remember the scene in Animal House, at the very end, after the Deltas wreck everythig and the grandstand crashes?

Dean Wermer says "I hate those guys"?

thats how I feel about those bushista-guys!

I used to vote Republcian, i may again, If we ever get areal one again!

My God IKe and NIXON look like FDR compared to these corporaatist ticks on th ebody politic!

F-ing ploitical lyme disease!

I have been working my AS_ off for the last 3+ years to stop these swine!

Thank God I am aMexican, so that when I read "the best democracy money can buy " I instinctively knew it was the old screw the darkies out of the vote deal allover again! Started to REALLY open my eyes to how these leeches ahe usurped our democracy!

Can you tel I dont like the MO-fos!!??

Please pray for the 15th MEU, Fox Company, 2nd/4th marines. They are in Anbar, my wifes cousins step-son is a Lt.

They lost a man in his platoon this last week! :-(

On a lighter ntoe, if you want to spred a progressive gospel in a funn way, send folks to the website of the monthly tabloid of humor:

"The funny times"

Its awesome!!

Sunny Delight said...

I have one of these on my otherwonderings blog...just feels damn good! Oh and found you through freebird's site :)