Sunday, February 25, 2007


Tonight on my drive home (LNJ) from home (LOH), I listened to Dan Fogelberg's Netherlands on the CD player. I played it really loud, twice through. It's my favorite album of all time by my favorite musician of all time.

You can find the lyrics for all the songs on the album here. (Oops, does anybody still call them albums, or did I just show my age again?)

If you've never heard it, I strongly suggest you give it a listen. It is his best work IMHO although it is not his best known nor did any hits come from it. Read the lyrics by clicking the link above. Really. Take the time and read them. They really say something.


Val said...

Oh, you're making me shudder!!! Unfortunately, Fogelberg was one of my ex's fav-o-rite musicians, but FOR YOU, I'll try! :-)

trueself said...

Val, sorry 'bout that. I guess this just shows you that no matter how bad an ex is, sometimes they do have good taste in a few things.