Friday, March 23, 2007

Jumpy as a

  • Bubble on a hot stove
  • Cat two miles from a dirt pile
  • Whore in church
  • Cat on a hot tin roof

Why? Simply because W and N are arriving in LNJ today -- for a whole week. Bleah.

I know. I know. This should be good news. I should miss them when I'm away from them. Sadly that isn't the case. I am quite enjoying my freedom. For the next week, it is back to the structure of family life.

Maybe they'll dislike being here, cooped up in a tiny one room efficiency, and go home early.

Well, a girl can hope, can't she?


BJ said...

Yes that's what I hope for too. :*

freebird said...

I'll hope for you too! Does this mean you won't be able to post for a while? We'll miss you if that's the case. Best of luck, girl.

Tom Paine said...

This, too, shall pass.

oldbear said...

Hi Truey, I hope it goes faster for you!