Friday, March 02, 2007

What I Do in the Middle of the Night When I Go to Bed Too Early

Thanks to BJ for providing me with this little diversion. This and watching Sportscenter on ESPN. It's what I do when I can't sleep.

Well, I was finally starting to feel sleepy and thought maybe I could go back to sleep for a while. I looked over at the clock to see it is 5:53. Yes, just 7 minutes before the alarm will go off. Crap.


Val said...

Man, I couldn't get mine to transfer!!! I'll try again later, but that's really cool!

Serenity said...

I wonder why yours has the descriptive bits under the pictures and mine doesn't. I didn't sign in or anything, i wonder if that's why...
(and hey, by the way, don't you know smoking's cool? ;) )

Val said...

Wish me luck; I can't put off going to bed any longer...(a little desperation on CK)

trueself said...

Val - hope all went well for you

Serenity - did you add descriptive bits to yours? I had a bit of trouble when adding them. Somehow I lost about half of them and had to type them again, but yes I also signed in so that may have been the difference. Smoking, cool? Hack, hack. Nope, sorry my poor asthmatic lungs can't stand to be around it.