Monday, March 19, 2007


No, just a quick update, not that kind of quickie. I'll have a longer post later, but it's rather philosophical and is taking some time to develop properly.

For now, just a few notes.

1. N is going to stay with W in LOH until the end of the school year as originally planned. After doing some research here, it is clear that we couldn't guarantee him attending the same school here for the remainder of this school year as he would attend next fall. The counselor advised that this is more chaos than N needs if it is possible to avoid it.

2. W had a better week this week so he's feeling that it is doable to keep N there for a couple more months. He is still in a lot of pain though and taking a lot of Advil to combat it.

3. I'm still struggling with the decision to try to stay with W, but that's the topic of the longer post I'm developing.

4. I'm tired and not sleeping well. I suppose that's not too surprising given all I'm going through. I have vivid disturbing dreams each time I sleep. I'm always trying to get somewhere and taking wrong turns, running late, unable to get to my destination. Gee, I can't imagine what that means in my real life, huh?


Anonymous said...

At least you have some definite plans for the next couple of months to give you some breathing room. Those dreams sound familiar.

trueself said...

FL - Your friendship means more to me than you will ever know.

freebird said...

I've probably missed something somewhere, but I don't remember reading what was the cause of W's physical pain. Arthritis, perhaps?
I hope you get some good sleep soon, it's so draining, isn't it?

trueself said...

FB - Well, what doesn't W have? Not much. I started to list a bunch of things but then erased it because he searches on the internet for information about some of his conditions, and I wouldn't really want him to find this site.