Thursday, March 08, 2007

Oops, There I Go Straying into Politics Again

And just so you know:
1) I never supported going into Iraq. The WMD argument never swayed me. North Korea, at the same time we were going into Iraq, was bragging about their nuclear capabilities. We ignored them. Why? Didn't need to avenge Daddy Bush there, and North Korea isn't sitting on boatloads of oil.
2) I place no blame on the troops sent over there. They are doing what they are supposed to do, following orders. God bless the troops in Iraq.
3) I thank God that I live in a country where we have the freedom of speech and can sing or speak about issues about which we care deeply. Perhaps we should be careful to elect those who will make sure we retain this freedom.

[Stepping down off of soapbox.]

4) The biggest reason I posted this video is that I wanted to save it for myself. I like it and wanted to have a place to easily get back to it. I'm not trying to push my views on you if you just happen to read this. You're entitled to your viewpoint, whatever it may be. So am I.


BJ said...

I agree wholeheartedly. We were lied to in order to start this war. Now our troops are in harm's way and dying for nothing, except companies like Haliburton, Brown & Root........

The gang in the White House needs to be tried for war crimes. Send 'em to the Hauge!

Cat said...

You can stay on the soapbox because I agree with you wholeheartedly.

FATSO said...

I agree with you. I am Canadian. So, to me, the idea of telling Bush he's an asshole is a principle that no one can take away.

If I's another perspective. Canadian troops are being killed in Afghanistan too and that upsets me. But is the fight worth it? Some say yes (those who have been there) and others no. There is NO black-and-white answer, I think. But here are some thoughts...

....Is the world better WITHOUT Saddam? I think it is. The question is this: is deposing that murderous bastard WORTH the cost? History will decide that. And I am not sure about the WMD thing. Saddam sure led us to believe (by tossing UN observers out) that he MAY have had them. Who knows what the truth is. Bush had an agenda- and an ass to cover after 9/11. Again time will show what the RIGHT course of action is/was.

These may not be a popular comments with you readers. Forgive my ambivalance. (and also...unlike Michael Moore, I hesitate to delve into US politics until I pay US taxes- I wish Mr. Moore would shut the fuck up about Canada until he pays 65% of his income to tax like the rest of us here do....sorry- I digress!) But on my last trip to the US I was made aware how incredibly polarized this debate is. Wow.

The soapbox is good. If I may remind you all of 1 thing: you have the RIGHT and the obligation to get on your soapbox if you don't like what you see. Few of these piss-ass countries (well, NONE of them, actually) allow that freedom. Saddam put humans in paper shredders for criticizing his regime. Many two-bit despots do similar things in their own fucked-up countries. We can speak freely. We must never take that lightly. It is a right fought for and much blood has been spilled to maintain it.

So, then, are we better off fighting these bastards or should we just allow them to continue to do what they do? Personally I don't know....
That, to me, is the issue.

And, again. all points made are valid.

oldbear said...

Hi Good points you guys. TIMZ aka TOMMY is the best bud of Pauly who along his bro nameer and their uncle runs my local liquor store!!

Chaldeans are good solid people, and Tommy and pauly and Nameer are good guys.

I am a serious conservative and dont see how ANY sane American can still support this adminsistration. The war is almost certainly a lost cause as well. i sure as heck dont want to spend what it takes to POSSIBLY get a "win" out of it.

I sure as heck dont want my nephews to die in A GD war that was built on lies, is tied to us renouncing our ideals such as habeus corpus and search warrants, and is not fought at all by people like the Bushes and their ilk.

TIMZ is "open for business" and he got it going on!

I hope everyone who still thinks this war is a great idea has either gone, or is going, or thinks thier kids should drop everythign and go!

if I was 20 when it started I would ahve!

Damn good thing I now see the folly and arrogance and immorality of the whole damn mess!

Oh yeah, and the waste of good young men, many of whom signed up for the noblest of motives!!!!

Val said...

I like the video -- had heard about it but hadn't seen it.
You make excellent, valid points about the N Korea vs Iraq debate... Personally I think we should have finished the job in Afghanistan, but what's done is done. We've done a crappy job of fighting the war in Iraq thus far but perhaps some good can be salvaged from this fiasco.
& why I am surfing blogs when I should be packing my horse trailer is beyond me?!?