Monday, August 25, 2008

Getting My Bearings

Spent the weekend at my parents' getting my bearings. It helped. It helped a lot. I can't even really explain what it was that helped; I just know that I arrived feeling shaky and paranoid and left feeling refreshed and confident and normal. (Breathing big sigh of relief)

I had a bit of a bad patch as I drove there on Friday. I tried calling a couple of people to talk me through it but only got voicemail. Maybe that was good because it built my confidence that I got through it anyway.

N had a good time over the weekend because I took him to our old neighborhood in LOH, and he got to play with some of his old buddies.

I started this post thinking it would be long and detailed, but I can't seem to write about it right now. Maybe later. . .


Bunny said...

Glad the visit home helped. Sometimes we just need mommy and daddy for a little while.

How is your mom coping with taking care of your dad? I hope he is doing better and that she is not too overwhelmed.

Fusion said...

Glad it helped True :)

Trueself said...

Bunny - Mom is a trooper. She just keeps on keeping on because she has to. I worry about her.

Fuse - Yeah me too.