Monday, August 11, 2008

Running on Empty

Some people are soooooooo paranoid.

Just because the "Low Fuel" light comes on doesn't mean you are on the verge of having the car sputter to a stop. It just means you need to stop for gas in the next 50 miles or so.

Besides, as long as you have someone along to send on a walking expedition to get a can of gas what's the big deal? I mean, really, the worst that could've happened is a bit of inconvenience for me and N having to wait while BJ walked to the nearest exit to buy a can of gas and walk back with it. We'd have been willing to patiently wait for him.

No problem I say.



Stinkypaw said...

That's not very nice of you... to laugh I mean! ;-)

Fusion said...

Me thinks BJ would think differently there ;)

Trueself said...

SP - Hmm, was the laughing a bit much? ;-)

Fuse - Ya think? I did notice he didn't seem as pleased with the plan as I was. . .