Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Random Than Random

  • I’m suffering PMS this week, so go away. Really, just slip a chocolate bar under the door and leave please. Let me rant and rave in peace in my padded cell.

  • The IRS sent me a notice that they received a W2 for 2006 that I didn’t report on my 2006 taxes. Funny thing is I never received a W2, nor do I believe I should have, from this particular corporation, a company related to the one for which I worked at the time. After repeated attempts to contact their payroll department, getting only voicemail, and leaving messages that are never returned I contacted the IRS. They told me what to say in a letter to the IRS, and they will then pursue the soulless corporation on my behalf. For the first time in my life I’m pleased with an IRS response to a problem.

  • BJ left a shirt behind after our weekend together at my house. Every night at bed time I snuggle it and breathe in the sweet smell of BJ. No it isn’t as good as having him here, and it makes me feel just a little silly, but I won’t stop doing it. At least I won’t until he comes back and retrieves the shirt. Then I guess I won’t have much choice.

  • I served on a short term committee at church, and just when we thought our work was done things fell through. Now we have more meetings right when several committee members are going to be out of town on late summer trips. We’re trying to pack in as much as we can this week before people start leaving town. Hmm, packing extra meetings and work into PMS week, what a great idea. Where’s that chocolate?

  • N has a cold. It isn’t a bad cold, but it’s annoying to him. I can’t say I blame him. I think summer colds are much more annoying than winter colds. Snuggling up under a warm blanket and zoning out in front of the TV is much more satisfying in the bleak winter than the sunny summer.

  • The Olympics are on TV. Day and night. I woke up last night around 2:30 and had trouble getting back to sleep. When I turned on the TV – you guessed it – the Olympics were on. Yeah, that put me back to sleep fairly quickly.

  • My counselor is out of the country for the entire month of August. I was absolutely fine with that until W announced to me a few days ago that he wants to move some 300 miles away to a place where he’s never lived and knows no one but has a cheap cost of living. I freaked out (silently, in my head) when he told me. It bothers me very little for me, but very much for N. I believe it would send a message to N that he is not important to W. Actually, it sends that message to me, too. Part of me thinks he threw this idea out there to see if it would turn me around, make me profess that I can’t live without him and beg him to stay. He must’ve been awfully disappointed when I didn’t do that.


Fusion said...

Make him leave another shirt when he takes the current one home...

Poor W, I feel so sorry for him...
(OK, was that sarcastic enough?)

Trueself said...

Fuse - Good suggestion. He should always leave a shirt here for me.