Monday, August 04, 2008

Life Doesn’t Have to be All About Sex

I know, I know, that’s a pretty big statement for me, isn’t it? Given how this whole blog started and the (mis)adventures I’ve documented here, it’s downright shocking. However, this weekend was great, and there wasn’t anything sexual about it at all.

It is with a bit of hesitancy that I mix time with N with time with BJ. After all, I am not yet legally divorced. Although BJ and I are pretty sure we’re a sure thing I’m still working through some trust issues and still sometimes don’t read BJ very well. I refuse to acknowledge to N that BJ and I are anything more than friends although N seems to want to push it to more than that. That also is a concern to me because I don’t want N to become too attached to BJ if somehow things do fall apart in the future. In my perfect world, N would not have been introduced to BJ until much later on in the process. However, that ship has already sailed, and there’s no turning back now.

So this weekend I was keen on going to watch some small time league baseball in one of my old hometowns. I had N for the weekend, and he was excited at the prospect of going too. We went. BJ and I talked on the phone, and I invited him to join us at the game if he’d like. He did. We all had a good time. Our team won that day, Saturday, so they continued on in the tournament to play again on Sunday. We invited BJ to join us, and he did so. We had a good time again. It was a great game, very close, went into extra innings before our team finally won in the 11th. N spent most of his time playing with his new found friends (gosh, I wish he weren’t so shy! /sarcasm), and BJ and I enjoyed watching a really well played game. Because the game went long it was dinner time by the time it was over. BJ took us out to dinner.

It was a fun weekend. It was not only a fun weekend, but a fun weekend that included BJ and included absolutely no sexual activity at all. Not that I wouldn’t have loved a little somethin’ somethin’ (because Thursday night didn’t quench my thirst but simply whet my appetite), but clearly under the circumstances that wasn’t going to happen. With N around, everything was pure and wholesome.

The tournament continues (and concludes) next weekend. N wants to go to those games too. He also wants BJ to come with us (as do I).

I don’t know. Are things moving too fast?

Hmm, interesting how I started a post about one thing and kind of detoured off to another. Oh well, nobody ever said blogging had to have journalistic integrity. Did they?


Fusion said...

Only you can answer that one TS. I doesn't seem to be too fast to me though...

Sounds like Bj and N get along well so far. And if things don't pan out, N will learn from that as well...

Take Care, hope the nasty weather isn't too bad headed your way.

Trueself said...

Fuse - I'm glad to know at least one person looking in from the outside doesn't feel it's too fast. It has surprised me how well they get along with each other. Of course, N pretty much buddies up to any man who will be nice to him in contrast to his own dad.

We missed most of the nasty weather. A little rain, a lot of lightening and thunder, but nothing too bad.