Thursday, June 22, 2006

G is for Gone

After all my ranting and raving and wanting it so badly even though I knew it was stupid, I came to my senses a little. The last email from G, coupled with a couple of things he said yesterday at lunch, made me too nervous to follow through with tomorrow afternoon.

I sent the following email to back out:


I've been thinking about this, and I think I'm going to back out. I'm sorry. Call it cold feet, or being chicken, or I don't know what. It's me, though, not you. You are very nice, and I hope you find someone that will be better at this than I am. I am very sorry to change my mind, but I'm just not comfortable doing this right now.


Although the truth is he really kind of spooked me, I didn't want that to come across in the email. If he is kind of a creep, I don't need him trying to track me down because I've ticked him off or something. Although I never told him where I work he knows the general area and also knows what kind of car I drive so I just thought it better to make him feel like the problem was all mine, not his. Hopefully, that's the end of G, and I can resume focus on J and what to do about him.

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