Friday, January 26, 2007

Can't Stop Crying

I can't stop crying, and it's for a really dumb reason. I shared something with BJ last night, something that very very very few people know about me, something about which I am quite ashamed and embarassed. The reason I can't stop crying is because of how wonderful he was about it, how supportive and kind and absolutely nonjudgmental about it. It's been weighing quite heavily on my mind, and has me pretty well tied up in knots. It is something I have struggled with my entire adult life, and has caused immeasurable difficulties in my life. Yet, BJ said that he was honored that I felt comfortable enough with him to tell him about it.

So yes, I can't stop crying today because the most wonderful understanding man on the planet loves me. Lucky me.


Rob said...

True, you shouldn't be so surprised with BJ's nonjudgmental support for I'm sure that others probably would react in the same way if you ever confided your secret to them. It's a known fact: we are our own hardest critic! Lucky you deserves as much.

FATSO said...

If you can't share that with him he is not for you.

freebird said...

Have a virtual tissue, hon!

trueself said...

Rob - Yes, I know that I tend to be my own worst critic. I suppose my biggest fear in sharing it is that people would laugh and think it was silly for me to have such a silly problem.

Fatso - True.

FB - Thank you. Fortunately, I'm finally all cried out for the time being.