Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I Must Blog This or My Head Will Explode

I sort of almost kind of am sure that I am going to get an offer on THE JOB.

The headhunter through whom I am working contacted me this morning, TWICE. He assures me that as soon as they've reached and spoken with the last of my references an offer is on the way. Okay, they want me a bit sooner than I'd originally planned, but fine I can deal with that. The salary is about an 8% increase over what I'm making now, and in a bit lower cost of living area, so that part is good.

Life is good. I think. Well, I'm almost kind of sure anyway.

How often is polite to call people serving as references to encourage them to return calls from potential employers in a timely manner? Hmm. . .

Why has sitting still suddenly become such a monumentally difficult task?

Breathe, just breathe. In. . . out. . . in. . . out. . . in. . . out. . .


spinningmia said...

I can feel your excitement. I can't wait to hear how this turns out!!!

Emily said...

I am so, so happy to hear about the job and looking forward to hearing you've got an offer.

Not only a great circuit breaker in a difficult time, but a good step in feeling stronger, more confident, more satisfied with your own life in ways that don't depend on who you're with.

Very cool

freebird said...

Keeping everything crossed for you!

trueself said...

I can't wait either! Although I've promised to let BJ know first, I'll post it on my blog soon after because I will want to tell the world.

Yes, it will be nice if (when?) I get it. Right now it is pretty intolerable being unhappy at work and unhappy at home. I need someplace to go where I can feel comfortable and good about myself. The rapport I felt with the team with which I would be working was phenomenol. I felt so comfortable there, so much more comfortable in one afternoon than I ever have been with my team at this job. Yes, very cool indeed.

Thank you. I'll take every bit of luck I can get!

Now why don't they just get that offer finalized and out to me?!?!?
Aaarrrggghhh. . .