Saturday, January 06, 2007

Road Trip!

Well, I just spent the last couple of days on a road trip that very well may represent a big turning point in my life.

If you pay attention to things in my sidebar you know that I had a job interview on Friday. I sure did. I had an interview for a job that would be doing the type of work I would absolutely love in an industry in which I prefer to work. The kicker is that this company is located about three hours away from where I currently live. The big kicker is that the location of this company is someplace I've wanted to live for the longest time but had just about given up on ever getting back to. So how did this interview go? GREAT!! I loved them. They loved me. I felt like I would fit in there very, very well. They felt the same. The supervisor for the position said that he anticipated that they will get back to me with an offer next week. Now, there isn't a guarantee that there will be an offer, but I really have a good feeling about this. Oh yes I do. I'm already planning my resignation letter although of course I won't actually resign until I know that I have a new job waiting for me.

Now, because the interview was three hours away and the interview was with multiple people over a five hour period they put me up in a hotel, a very nice hotel, the night before. Earlier this week, J had asked me via email if I could spend the day with him either this Friday or next Monday. I emailed back that no, I couldn't, but that I had this interview and if he wanted to tag along I'd love to have the company. I didn't really he'd take me up on it, but was kind of hoping he would so I'd have somebody to talk to on the drive up and back not to mention the bit of fun we might be able to have together. Lo and behold, Thursday morning J calls me and asks when and where to meet me for our trip. I was thrilled! I love a fun, whacky road trip and with goofball J, fun and whacky was pretty much guaranteed. I also thought it would be a good chance for us to have a nice long talk and make sure we were both on the same page of being just friends with benefits rather than anything more. We set up time and place to meet up. I spent the rest of the workday anticipating my next adventure.

After work on Thursday, I had a quick dinner at a local restaurant with W and N, kissed and hugged N goodbye, and away I went. I drove to the designated location and picked up J, and away we went, driving off into. . . into what? I didn't know, but I was feeling a breezy freedom that I seldom feel in my life, like I was just doing what I wanted when I wanted, not something I often get to do. J was his typical goofball self for the entire trip up to our destination, cracking jokes, telling stories, laughing. A couple times he did ask if I was serious about this job because it would put me a lot farther away from him. I told him yes, I am very serious about it. Other than that though we had no serious discussions that night.

We got to the hotel, checked in and went up to the room. It was a beautiful room and very comfortable. I made the obligatory "I made it safely" call to W. Then J and I spent a fairly good time in bed. J just isn't the best lover in the world, but it was okay. We had a good time. He brought me to orgasm twice manually before flipping me over and taking me from behind and having a really strong orgasm himself. We then snuggled together and went to sleep.

The next morning, we woke up early enough that I had time to give him a good blowjob and he came again. It did occur to me that at no time when we've been together has he ever gone down on me, and it's feeling more and more one-sided every time we're together. Okay, okay, I know we're just FWBs but geez could we be a little more reciprocal here? Seems fair to me. Oh well.

Anyway, we got dressed, checked out of the hotel, went to breakfast, and then to my interview. I let J have my car for the time while I was in the interview so he could go do whatever he wanted. As I said before the interview went really, really well. Afterwards, J was waiting in the parking lot for me. I got in, and we started our three hour drive back home.

On the drive home, I told J how the interview went. He was starting to really think about what this all meant, and starting to really get that there's probably not a future for him and me. He asked me lots of questions, pointed questions about my future, my intentions, my relationship with BJ. I answered him really honestly. I saw tears in his eyes at one point. I knew I was hurting him, but I also knew that it wouldn't make things any better to lie about it. J needs to really get it, and I think he does now. BJ called on my cell phone to see how the interview went about the time J and I were finishing our discussion, and I think that kind of sealed it up for J as to what his role is in my life. He got real quiet after that. Finally after a long time we talked some more, and this time he was the one that brought tears to my eyes. He wasn't trying to make me feel bad, but just giving me advice on some things, some good advice really about getting honest with everybody, including myself.

We stopped for dinner, then I dropped him off at his car, and drove home. When I got home I was exhausted. I sat and watched TV with N for a bit, and he and I both fell asleep. W woke us and put N to bed, and I went to bed.

All in all, a pretty good road trip.


Finished Last said...

I am glad the interview went so well. It sounds like change is in the air and that is probably a very good thing.

Rob said...

Often you have that "6th sense" (call it intuition) when you are on the same wavelength with those whom you are dealing with, be it your (hopefully) future employer, or J , or whomever. And that's a good thing to always try and have as it cuts down on uncertainties and misunderstandings. All the best with that job opportunity - a great way to start off 2007: out with the old, in with new! Good luck to you!

trueself said...

Yes, I think change would be a very good thing for me right now. Something has got to give to ease the pressure or I'm afraid I'll disintegrate.

Thanks, and yes I try to pay attention to my intuition. It usually serves me pretty well.

Stinkypaw said...

Good luck with the job! A new start that would be great!

trueself said...

Thanks. Yes I think a new start may be just the thing I need.

FATSO said...

I know...a new job, a new start. It's all good.
I am surprised thatJ wasn't ware what role he plays in your life- of maybe i just missed a lot of blog entries!

Remembe that you have to do what you have to do. I sensethat you are like me: lookig out for #1 does not come eaily or naturally to you. Maybe it's time...