Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Looking to the Stars Again

Ever the thief of good blog material I snagged this off of Desperate Husband. It is a list of recommended resolutions based on your astrological sign.

(April 20 - May 20)
1) Resolve to let go of the personal duties that have had you tied down for far too long. Like taking care of W?
2) Aim to have some fun (you remember that, right?) with an intimate companion. Oh yeah, I'm aiming to have me some fun with BJ.
3) In spring, resolve to look into good, solid investments. Because I'll have a new job with an adequate salary to require me to invest some of it?
4) Take your special someone on a romantic vacation. BJ, this is looking good for you darling.
5) If all goes well, talk about settling down by this time next year. Talk about it by this time next year? Ok. Settle down by this time next year? That might be rushing things just a bit.

If you would like to see what resolutions you ought to make for your sign click here for the link.


BJ said...

Here's mine:

(November 22 - December 20)
1) Fun has never been a problem. During August and September, resolve to show the higher-ups the brains behind that humor everyone loves.
2) Get even more serious about your short-term goals by fall.
3) Don't deny yourself that new experience you've been craving, be it a trip or a class.
4) Make nice-nice with your family. March might be best. (No faces, now.)
5) Aim to make yourself happy by becoming really, truly intimate with someone.

trueself said...

Your #3 and my #4 seem to fall right in line with each other. Not to mention your #5 sounds pretty good to me too, assuming of course I'm the someone referred to there.