Thursday, January 25, 2007

Well Crap

Here's my horoscope for the day:

Romantic relationships take on a fairytale aura, dear Taurus, bringing up the kind of desire, passion, and sense of unity associated with Lancelot and Guinevere. Therefore, this should be a wonderful day to schedule an intimate evening with a romantic partner. You could feel so much in tune with your friend that you may come with the exact same words at the exact same time. Enjoy this wonderful feeling - but don't lose sight of reality.

And where is BJ? Why 400 miles away of course. Crap.


FATSO said... sweetie is 3000 miles away. I am a Taurus too.

Well, crap.

trueself said...


Sometimes life sucks, doesn't it?

Fiona said...

Sigh, almost 8,000 miles, and an ocean, between us. I guess, though, once it's over 200 or so it might as well be 10,000!!

It does suck. Big time.

FATSO said...

But when you DO get It makes the separation alost seem worth it....

trueself said...

Fiona - Well, at least BJ and I can drive a few hours to see each other so it is better than 8,000 and an ocean. It ain't like being across town from each other though.

Fatso - Oh yes, I cherish those times when BJ and I do get to spend time together. Those times are precious. Absolutely precious.