Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Because Everybody Loves a Surprise

Bleepity bleepity bleep bleep bleepity bleep!

Met W's new girlfriend, Q, today. Unbeknown to me he introduced N to her today as she is apparently staying at his apartment for a few days. Lovely.

How I tried to present myself:

How I felt on the inside:

Bleepity bleepity bleep bleep bleepity bleep!


BJ said...

Oh god no. Shit.

Fusion said...

Take a deep breath. Good, now let it out...



Re... you get the idea ;)

Hang in there True!

Cocotte said...

Sounds horrific.

Summer said...

I don't know, when my soon to be ex husband found a girlfriend, well actually he already had one, I was very pleased. She did me a favor. When she got pregnant she did me an even bigger favor by forcing him to sign the divorce papers that he was dragging his feet over.

Trueself said...

BJ - Oh yes. Oh yes indeedy.

Fuse - What's that you say? Breathe? Oh yeah, I forgot. . .

Cocotte - Utterly horrific, mostly just because it caught me unaware and unprepared.

Summer - You're right. They really are doing me a favor, and with the advent of the new girlfriend comes a new found interest on W's part to get the divorce completed. In the long run, I'm sure I'll see it as a good thing. In the short run, as I said before it just caught me unaware and unprepared.