Friday, November 14, 2008

Red Alert!! Temper Tantrum Ahead

Being petty. Not good. No, no, no. Must calm down.

W called earlier. Wanted to tell me how Q and he were looking at houses this morning, and Q’s back started hurting real bad. He took her to an urgent care facility where they declared she had a pulled muscle in her back. They gave her a muscle relaxant.

I’m listening to this thinking, “Ok. I’m thrilled (do you detect the sarcasm here? If not, reread with sarcasm in mind) to have the update. Is there a point?” Of course I didn’t say that, and eventually he finally got around to the point.

Due to taking longer at the urgent care facility than anticipated he can’t pick N up from the after school program as he was supposed to on his weekend because he still has to drive Q home (a couple hours away) and then return here which would have already happened if she hadn’t been in so much pain. (Oh Q, you poor baby. Really. I think of all the times I’ve needed W to take care of me and the quality of the job he’s done. Well, at least Q will learn early what a zero he is at caretaking.)

Of course with this being W’s weekend with N I have plans with BJ, plans that up until a half hour ago didn’t include N. Now due to timing of the Illini basketball game BJ and I are to attend this evening we must include N in our dinner plans and get N back to W before we head off to the game. Not to mention that it is going to push us timewise to get N, eat, get N to W’s and still get all the way to the game on time.


My reaction to all this:
I want to poke Q in the back with a sharp stick, repeatedly.
I want to whack W over the head with the same stick, repeatedly.
I want to protect N from hurt feelings over feeling W is prioritizing Q over him.
I want to not make BJ mad because our plans have to be modified.
I want to tell all of them to go the f*#$ away and leave me alone and let me sulk for a while.
I want the world to revolve around me for a change. When the f*#$ is it my turn?

Okay. Tantrum finished. Time to put on my big girl panties and deal with all of this maturely. Which I will. Now that I’ve vented. Privately. In front of the entire internet.

Hmm, now that I think about it I don’t think I even said to W how sorry I was to hear Q wasn’t feeling well. Oh dear. Where on earth were my manners?


Fusion said...

So how long do you think W and Q will last?

Just wondering...

Temper Tantrums are good to let out here, that way we don't have to watch you roll around on the ground kicking and screaming ;)

heh heh, hope you feel better now and have a great weekend True, tell BJ hello for me.

Trueself said...

Fuse - Knowing W as I do I would say now that he's caught someone he'll cling for dear life. Only if Q gets tired of the relationship will it go to the wayside.

Yes, getting the temper tantrum out here was good, and when all was said and done everything worked out fine anyway. BJ and I had already planned dinner at one of N's favorite restaurants (happens to be one of BJ's favorites too) so N was only too happy to accompany us to dinner. W, although arriving back in town a little later than planned, still got back in enough time that BJ and I could arrive at the b'ball game on time. All in all, it turned out a-okay.