Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Taking a break from the Weight Series for the grand champion holiday of eating today. N and I are at my parent's house meaning no internet meaning I wrote this and set it up to publish today because I just know y'all want to know how Trueself spends Thanksgiving. BJ is spending the day with his parents and his kids too. Maybe next year we'll be celebrating together. W is spending his holiday with Q. It's the first Thanksgiving W and I have been apart in 24 years.

Today's itinerary:
Sleep in
Watch Macy's Parade on TV while drinking coffee and perusing massive pile of ads in the morning newspaper
Sit around playing board games while my mom slaves in the kitchen and refuses all offers of assistance
Eat mass quantities of starchy and delicious traditional Thanksgiving foods
Sit around moaning and groaning about the mass quantities of food ingested
Watch some TV, chat with my folks, try not to think about reality for the day

Happy Thanksgiving coolest blog readers in cyberspace. Hope you enjoy your day.


Cocotte said...

Hope you had a good day and that there will be some new traditions started in the True household.

Sailor said...

I hope your day is peaceful and happy!

Trueself said...

Cocotte - Yes, it was a very good day. I liked spending Thanksgiving with my parents and not having the underlying tension there between W and me.

Sailor - Thank you. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving also.