Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Preachin' Poll

After my experience in the pulpit I decided to put up a poll to see how my readers would react if invited to preach. For the first few days the poll was up everybody was responding that they had no church. I'll admit that freaked me out just a little. Great, I thought. Here I am asking a question that will have a 100% answer of "Not Applicable." Well, apparently the churched among us just took longer to answer. Perhaps they had to think harder about their answer than the unchurched. The unchurched, much like vegetarians at a steakhouse, only really had one option. The churched had a whole menu from which to choose.

What the poll eventually showed is that I am every bit the freak of nature I claim to be. Not one person chose the option I would have had I voted in the poll. Oh well. . .

The final results:

If you were invited to preach at your church, would you?
Absolutely! I'd love to. 0 (0%)
Probably, if they were persuasive enough. 2 (10%)
Maybe, but I doubt it. 2 (10%)
Not a chance! 6 (31%)
I don't have a church. 9 (47%)

To the almost half of you without a church I'd just like to say I'd love to see you at mine anytime, whoever you are, whatever you are, wherever you are.

Late edit (11:35 a.m.):
Okay, this has bugged me ever since I posted this earlier this morning. The percentages above, although exactly as reported on the Blogger poll, don't add to 100% due to rounding. They aren't just one off though. They are two off. It only adds to 98%. So I recalculated and found that they didn't round, they truncated. If I had designed the poll results format the percentages would round rather than truncate. Also I probably would have run them out to one decimal place.

So here are the real results:
Absolutely! I'd love to. 0 (0%)
Probably, if they were persuasive enough. 2 (10.5%)
Maybe, but I doubt it. 2 (10.5%)
Not a chance! 6 (31.6%)
I don't have a church. 9 (47.4%)

Now they add to 100%. I feel better. (Damned accountant's brain.)


Cocotte said...

My son told me the other day that public speaking is the number one fear, so your results seem about right.

I fear spiders, snakes and heights much more than public speaking, however, so that's why I chose the "if they persuaded me" answer.

Fusion said...

Heh heh, you're too cute True, let your accountant's mind take the day off once in a while!
As if you could, my mom was an accountant till the day she died, bless her.
I was one of the nine, btw. I'm done with church, just can't do it anymore since my wife died, although that's not the reason why.
The real reason is a bit more complicated, mainly about being honest with myself...

Trueself said...

Cocotte - I used to fear public speaking too, but I took a couple of classes specifically to help me get over it. Surprisingly enough, it worked!!

Fuse - Once an accountant always an accountant. What can I say?
If you ever come visit me, I would love to take you to my church. I think you'd see something so different from what you've experienced you'd be amazed.

FTN said...

I must not have seen the poll, probably because I often read posts from within a feed reader. But I would have answered yes. I love getting up in front of people and ranting to them, and I often do.

Trueself said...

FTN - Yes, you strike me as the type who would be willing to preach. Apparently there aren't many of us out there though. We're a rare breed.