Monday, November 17, 2008

When the Train of Thought Derails

Reason #352 Why W and I shouldn’t be together
When we were at the Illini football game on Saturday (hey, we have season tickets together at least thru this season so yeah we spend time together at the games) W repeatedly got snotty with people as they came and went in our row. I’m surprised that no physical fights broke out given his nasty comments as people made their way past us. OMG, he embarrasses the crap out of me. At least next year I won’t have to sit next to him during football season.

About Those Season Tickets
I had decided a while back that I would claim the season football tickets for me in the divorce settlement but hadn’t yet spoken to W about it. I know the home games are over for this year. However, come next year we can renew those season tickets. Getting new season tickets, rather than renewing, could be dicey (although that’s unlikely given the state of Illini football) or at the very least could mean settling for worse seats. On Saturday W brought up that he might not renew the season tickets next year. As soon as I expressed interest in taking them over he backpedaled faster than a hawk swoops on a rabbit. Good lord, are we going to hit a snag in the divorce proceedings over season football tickets? Really? I am, after all, the Illinois alum. He’s not. It only seems fair to me that I get the football seats. Hopefully, he’ll come around to seeing it my way. If not, I can always go for part of the investment account we have held in joint tenancy even though it is money that came from his side of the family. I’ve bent over backwards to be fair as we’ve discussed dividing things up and allow him to have the entire $45K in addition to his share of the equity in our house. I suppose if he must have those season tickets I can just ask for my half of the investment account. There you go buddy, start to be unreasonable and shoot yourself in the foot.

Crying Jag
Had a doozy of a crying jag yesterday. Not my proudest moment. Curled up in a ball like a baby, laid on the bed, and BJ held me. He held me until I was all cried out, and it took a long time before I was all cried out. It felt good, cathartic. It was a release of a lot of pent up frustrations and anxieties over my current financial situation.

Too Darned Cold
Why is it that with the temperature outside hovering in the upper 30s, they are blowing cold air onto us cubicle rats here at work? It is so not fair. I’m sitting here with a sweater on over my sweater, and I’m still cold. Somebody want to turn on the heat? Please?


Cocotte said...

My best friend just went thru a three year divorce. Wanna hear what her a-hole ex took her back to court for? A Longaberger (sp?) basket. How ridiculous is that?

And yeah, it's freakin cold here too!

Trueself said...

Cocotte - I think in a lot of cases it is less about the actual thing than it is about pushing the other person's buttons. And W is starting to just push incessantly on mine (see today's post).