Saturday, November 22, 2008

Prologue: Weight, Weight Don’t Tell Me

The title is a play on words from one of my favorite NPR shows (if you don't listen to NPR you really, really should, particularly on the weekends), but this post is the introduction to a series of posts all about my weight and my personal history with my weight.

I originally put this series of posts (minus this Prologue) over on my private blog (which was originally my public blog with this being my secret blog, but over time and for various reasons the two blogs kind of switched purposes and I took the original blog private) so some of you may have read these before. Feel free to read them again, or to ignore them.

I started rereading them the other day when I wanted to share my story with someone and wanted to point them in the right direction so they could read the series. I realized as I skimmed through them that I needed to take heed to some of the things I said in them, particularly the posts about recent years. So I thought I would read them, edit them as need be (I may not have been 100% honest in places since W was a reader of the other blog at the time I originally posted them so I will try to correct that along the way), and post them here. Maybe something I say in them will strike a chord with someone who reads them, and if anything I say can help someone else put their weight issues in perspective then posting is well worth it.

There were eight chapters (posts) originally. I imagine that will turn into nine by the time I’m finished here as the ninth chapter will carry the chronology up through the present time.

This series will be tagged with only one label, Weight Weight Don’t Tell Me, thereby making it easier to go back and read the series as a series once it is completed.

Coming soon: the early years


Sailor said...

I love wait wait, don't tell me! I love your play on the title too.

Trueself said...

Sailor - It is indeed one of NPR's best.