Thursday, August 16, 2007

Auspicious Date

Today is quite the day. August 16. Many reflections on this day.

Julie Newmar (catwoman in the Batman TV series) – turns 72 today. I loved the Batman TV series when I was just a pup. Wouldn’t miss it. My favorite parts? Where either innocent victims or Batman and/or Robin would be tied up and “tortured.” I was kinky even as a tot.

Madonna – turns 49 today. She’s a bit older than me, a bit more famous and loads weirder. I like her.

Elvis – died on this date some 30 years ago. I was upstairs in the hallway headed to the bathroom when I heard of it on my transistor radio that I carried everywhere with me in junior high and high school. My reaction was “So what? He’s an old fat has-been.” Now I’m a few years older and many pounds heavier than he was when he died. Hmm.

What can I say? These are just the ruminations of an oxygen-deprived asthmatic suffering from a chest cold. Excuse me while I go try to cough up some more green phlegm. . . hopefully without peeing my pants. . .


Karin's Korner said...

Bless your heart my friend. I also have been having that pee problem for the last couple of weeks. I have pneumonia (or however you spell it). I am sure I will be just fine, trying to work some, trying to rest some...really not doing either one right but ohhhhhh every stinking time I cough....I pee. I had to go and get some pee pads for myself, OMG my children laughed....for the shame of such a thing. I am just keeping my legs extra closed here at work just in case......what a life....hope you are feeling better :)

Digger Jones said...

Yes, there is a nasty cold going around here, too. I hope you are feeling better.

Especially because you've been TAGGED!


Trueself said...

Karin - Sorry to hear you're going through similar symptoms. It ain't fun. Hope you're feeling better too.

Digger - Thanks for the tag. It gave me an easy out for a post this morning.