Wednesday, August 01, 2007

People Like Me

If you've noticed the countdown I currently have going in my sidebar you'll see that I'm counting down until such time as "Meeting others like me." What on earth could I mean by that?
Women in bad marriages? No.
Women commiting adultery? No.
Fat women? No.
Women with children? No.
Women with bad hair? No.
Women who blog? No.
Women with phone phobia? No.
Women who are bisexual? BINGO!! We have a winner.

If you recallthis post from last fall, I talked (apparently to myself as not one person commented on it) about being bisexual and how hard it is to feel like I fit anywhere. Turns out that there are other bisexual women out there feeling similar feelings as I have, and through the efforts of one of them a social group is forming in my neck of the woods. Notice I said SOCIAL GROUP, not swingers group, not a dating service. No, we are going to get together as a group of people who share a common bond to talk about what it means to us to be who and what we are. It will be a place where we can be open about an aspect of our lives about which we often cannot be open. I think it will be a great thing. I love that I am coming into this group just as it is forming, with our first meeting this Saturday. We've already chatted some on message boards set up by the initiator of this group, and there are some very interesting women on board. I can't wait!

Oh, and one other thing that is especially cool about this is that for the first time I can remember, rather than asking W if I could attend I told him that I was going to be joining this group and attending Saturday's meeting. That may seem like a little thing, but it is a huge step in the direction of me being independent that I didn't wait to see if it would be okay with him before deciding to do something. Ha! I'm almost a real person. One baby step at a time. . .


Anonymous said...

I hope all goes well

Trueself said...

Thank you FL. I do too.