Friday, August 17, 2007

Meme a Little Meme

Just so you know Digger Jones apparently has a bit of a mean streak, a yen for revenge. Yes, just because I tagged him for a meme he felt the need for payback and do likewise. Ha, ha. That'll teach me won't it?

Anyway, on to the meme:

Answer the following, and be sure to link to their blogs. This is an efficient and cheap and shameless way to increase traffic.

1. Blogger who is most like me:
Oh boy, this is a tough one. Obviously, nobody is exactly like me although I probably see a lot of myself in Freebird although I sometimes see myself more in her Mr. E from some of his actions, but I aspire to be as brave as she is.

2. Blogger I read who is LEAST like me.
Gotta be FTN. First, he's a man so right there we're opposites. But also, he is a faithful spouse, a fine temperate man who chooses not to indulge in porn and masturbation. Yeah, he's about as opposite of me as you can get.

3. Name 3 bloggers of the same sex you’d like to have drinks with.
Okay, the hardest part of this is to limit it just to three because there are at least a dozen with whom I'd like to have drinks. If I limit it to those on the same continent with me so it is somewhat more likely to happen someday I'll choose
(1) Stinkypaw because she was the first to comment on this blog and has a great moral compass,
(2) Serenity because I know I could count on her to play devil's advocate during the discussion, and
(3) Unspoken Drama because she understands where I am, and I understand where she is, and we could cry on each other's shoulders after we've had a drink or two too many.

4. Name 3 bloggers of the opposite sex you’d like to share a hot tub with.
This one is much easier:
(1) BJ. Okay, you had to see that one coming, right?
(2) Al Laddin because he is just so darned much fun to flirt with I'd love to have the chance to flirt in person.
(3) Joe Flirt because he needs to have a bit of fun in his life.
Can't say just what would happen in that hot tub, or even if we'd manage to contain ourselves to just the hot tub, but I'm feeling all hot and steamy just thinking of the possibilities.

5. Which blogger would you vote for in a political campaign?
This is a tough one. I have pretty particular tastes when it comes to politicians, but I have to say if Emily were running in an election in my jurisdiction I'd vote for her. She is very thoughtful in her approach to things, not prone to kneejerk reactions nor do I think she would be persuaded to vote against her convictions on issues.

6. You are thrown into a dimension where you can read one, and only one, blog. Which one is it?
Oh dear. This is the toughest question of all for me. I couldn't possibly give up any of my regular reads! I'd die! I'd just wither up and dry out and die. Sigh. . . Oh well, if I really had to pick just one it would be Finished Last for a couple of reasons. He's a good writer, he's drawn me in to the story of his life, and I really need to know how it turns out (I'm hoping for the happy ending that I always hope for in life as well as in my reading), and he and I have become email friends so I care even more about how he's doing.

7. Which blogger is living a life you think YOU might like to be living.
Not sure since in spite of the ups and downs and all it's flaws I'm liking my own life thank-you-very-much. However, I might like to be living Fiona's life. She seems to have it all together.

Tag three people and you’re on your way!
Hmm, three victims people to tag.
Let's see.
Okay here goes.
I'm picking bloggers who haven't blogged a lot lately in the hopes that this meme will kickstart them. ;-)
(1) Andy,
(2) Desperate Husband
(3) Aphron


Finished Last said...

Wow, I am flattered to say the least (or is it can't take your eyes away from a train wreck kind of things?)You know you are tops in my book.

freebird said...

Brave???!!! Is there another Freebird around here somewhere?

Steff said...

You are the queen of questionnaire type things! And this one is really neat...I'll steal it if you don't mind. What a great way to share your favorite reads with others!

Fiona said...

Wow, TS, shall we do a life swap ;) I don't know about me having it all together, but I'm getting there. In less than a year's time I'll be in a different place, living a different life. Basically my world will be turned upside down and I'll have a bunch of new challenges. And, I can't wait :)

Trueself said...

FL - No, no train wreck watching, just caring what happens to you.

FB - Yes brave. It is brave, and strong, to face what you are facing all alone in real life.

Steff - Hey, it's good to be queen! LOL Yes, please borrow this one. It's a good one.

Fiona - You wouldn't want my life darlin' trust me. I do think though that you have got it together as well as any of the other bloggers that I read and better than most.

Al Laddin said...

Hey FlirtyGirl-

Backatcha. You give good flirt, too!

Trueself said...

Thanks Al!

Edtime Stories said...

great meme...I may have to steal it.

Stinkypaw said...

I would love to meet you and have a drink with you - I'm sure it would be an interesting evening! And the conversation we would have, my oh my! ;-)