Thursday, August 23, 2007

Vacation, or at Least Time Away

Well, we’re off for a long weekend, a bit of a vacation before N starts school. We’ll be visiting an amusement park on Saturday. If you happen to be there and see a couple of weary and grumpy looking parents with a whiney young boy you’ve spotted us. Yes, that’ll be us particularly if you see such a group fully decked out in Illini gear since that’s the way we usually travel. The orange keeps us visible (well, unless we’re attending an Illini game in which case the orange keeps us camouflaged).

We’re trying to locate a buddy of N’s to go along with us, but so far we’ve come up nil. The worst part of this is that it will mean either W or I (rarely W, mostly I) will have to ride things that will leave me wondering why I even tried to eat an overpriced amusement park lunch if I was just going to regurgitate it later. Can you tell that I’m approaching this with an exemplary attitude? Anyone out there willing to loan me a boy in the 7-10 year old age range for the weekend? Please? One that doesn’t get homesick with perfect strangers (not that we’re perfect by any means, but we would at least be strangers of the strangest kind) and enjoys riding beastly wicked amusement park rides?

We’ll wrap up the long weekend with a visit with my parents. Yes, we are just pulling out all the stops for this family vacation. Sigh. . . Of course, that’s what I get for using most of my vacation time for moving (oh and a visit with BJ a while back) not to mention the money spent for the move that depleted the funds that could’ve been used for a proper vacation. Well, on top of that, I’m not too sure W and I really want/need/ought to vacation together at this juncture. He’s kind of like an extra appendage of which I can’t quite rid myself without drastic surgery, but I’m not yet willing to undergo the surgery.

Oh yeah, we’re just the kind of family you’d want to subject your young son to for a few days. I promise when he returns he’ll behave so much better for you having learned just how good he has it at your house.


Uhave said...

TS, you can borrow my Boy, who's 11 and loves to do the roller coaster thing. You don't have to be 'perfect' (since he really has no concept of perfect anyway).

Stinkypaw said...

I hope that despite the "fun time" ahead you will manage to enjoy your time off from work and your visit with your parents. Try to enjoy it and don't eat too much before the amusement park. Cheer up, it's still time away from home!

Fiona said...

Oh god I hate those rides *L*

I always found in the past, that if I wasn't interested in who I was with, observing everyone around me always did the trick to keep me entertained ;)

Hope it goes well for you TS :)

Bunny said...

I would totally go on the rides for you! In fact, Spousehole's taking me to Cedar Point for my 40th b-day! You doing a Six Flags thing? We talked about that, but CP has more coasters.

Hope it's a fun trip!

Val said...

I know whatcha mean about the chickening-out part...
I told P that I was going to try sleeping upstairs for a few nights, but was not brave enough to breach the "separate but equal" bedrooms argument... Ah well, one small step at a time, eh?
& Z & I would absolutely BE THERE; we both LOVE rollercoasters! Hope you have SOME fun anyway ;-)

Trueself said...

Uhave - Wish we'd borrowed him. N ran us ragged.

SP - I really wasn't that down about it, not quite as negative as I came across in this post I think.

Fiona - Ah, people watching. Yes, I did a lot of that. It is amazing the number of body parts you see that are tattooed and/or pierced at a water park.

Bunny - I think I'm just too old for those heavy duty rides. I do better on the easy stuff like log flumes and ferris wheels.

Val - I think Z & N would get along great. Yes, we managed a bit of fun last weekend.