Saturday, November 10, 2007

Do You Know Me?

A year ago I posted a quiz you could take to see how well you know me. It seemed like time to do another one. So here it is, all new questions, see how well you know my true self.

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Karin's Korner said...

How did you compare to everyone else?
Quiz Taker Score
Karin 80%

Ok, 12 out of 15...ain't bad

Is it?????

Stinkypaw said...

sorry... I don't know you that well... :-(

Bunny said...

I guess we need to meet for lunch or something, because I did not do well. 60%

Val said...

I suck!!! I haven't scored 53% on a test since those hideous days of biochemistry...
Don't ask me how I pulled Lucas Johnson out of my ass -- I guess his name was twitching under one of my few remaining working neurons ;-)!

Trueself said...

Karin - Not bad at all!

SP - Hmm, have you been paying attention? ;-)

Bunny - Lunch! Yes, we must do lunch sometime, even if you had done very well.

Val - You do not suck! And envisioning you pulling Lucas Johnson out of your ass. . . well, I just shouldn't go there. ;-)