Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Lighten the Mood

Today's topic is cartoons. N gets to watch cartoons in the morning before school after he is dressed and all his things are ready for school so this morning we are sitting watching Cartoon Network prompting me to write about something fun and pleasant for a change.

Some of the present day cartoons are pretty good. Some of them are just stupid. Here are my reviews of some cartoons that appear regularly on our TV:

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends - This has got to be my favorite. It's about a home for imaginary friends that have been outgrown by the kids that imagined them. I love the characters in this one. I love the storylines. I could watch this one all day. N likes it too.

Ben Ten - I like this one too. This one is more of an adventure type cartoon. Ben found a bracelet that allows him to turn into various alien forms and fight bad guy aliens. I generally am not fond of the adventure type cartoons, but this one is okay.

Camp Lazlo - Guys at camp near a girl's camp. Another good one, although a bit stupid sometimes. Still it isn't bad for mindless fluff.

Tom and Jerry - I know. This is old as the hills. It was old when I was a kid. However, thanks to N's love of it if it is anywhere on TV it will be the cartoon of choice in our house. I'm sorry to say that it wasn't that great when I was a kid, and it isn't that great now. I am the only one in our house of this opinion. Maybe it's a guy thing. I don't know.

Chowder - This is a new one, and stupid, and just don't bother with it. Unless you are a nine-year-old boy. It is apparently popular in that crowd.

My Gym Partner is a Monkey - It's okay, kinda dumb. A kid with the last name of Lion gets inadvertently sent to the wrong school, a school for animals. Hilarity ensues as he attends classes that, while appropriate for wild animals, make no sense for a human. Good times, my friends, good times.

Ed, Edd, and Eddie - Ridiculously stupid with no point. Again don't bother with this one.

There are many other cartoons out there, almost limitless options now that cartoons are no longer limited to Saturday morning watching. These are the ones most often found on our TV though and reflect N's taste more than anything else.

Oh how I long for the days of Hong Kong Phooey and Rocky and Bullwinkle and Deputy Dawg and Yogi Bear. Sigh. . .


Val said...

Now I am really fond of Samurai Jack, although Z is not as enthusiastic! [But watching cartoons is such a treat for him since **gasp!** we DON'T have cable that he will watch anything & everything, for instance when we stay in a hotel...]
Right now we are working our way through classic (1st season) Simpsons.
[I'm sorry to say my fave when I was a child was Tom & Jerry!]

Desmond Jones said...

Ohmigosh, I loved the whole Bugs Bunny/Roadrunner/Warner Brothers group of classic 'toons.

I used to love 'Beany and Cecil' ('the seasick sea-serpent'); that 'toon was on a par with Rocky and Bugs, but you just can't find it anywhere these days. . .

The Hanna-Barbera group (Flintstones, Jetsons, Yogi Bear, Quick Draw McGraw, Huckleberry Hound, etc) were always good, too.

'Rocky and Bullwinkle' was the best, tho. When I was in college, we used to meet in the lounge to watch 'R&B', 'cuz we could finally get the jokes.

freebird said...

I love the sound of the imaginary friends one. What an original idea! I'll look for it. Out of the rest in your main list the only ones I really remember are Tom & Jerry, but there was a point where they went from brilliant (slightly anarchic and probably very non-pc!) to very weak and watered down - can't remember when or why. Completely took the edge off.
Anyway, I hope you find some fun stuff to keep you all entertained over the holidays.

Serenity said...

What about Spongebob? Being Ian? Fairly Oddparents? Jimmy Neutron? Those are the ones we watched and i didn't mind them. My kids are out of the tv watching habit, other than DVDs.They never did watch too much, but i also never had to be the meanie, it seemed to be fairly self-limiting. Now we watch movies, Simpsons on DVD and older son is allowed to watch Family Guy with a lot of disclaimers. :) It's one of those things that I can deal with the content if it means he fits in better with his friends. I worry all the time that it's a slippery slope though.

Trueself said...

Val - I haven't heard of Samurai Jack. Must be one N doesn't care for or maybe he just doesn't know about it yet.

Des - Yes, I loved the Warner Bros. classics. They were awesome. You are definitely right about R&B. Watching as an adult gives you a whole different perspective on those, and they are just as good whether you're a kid or an adult IMHO.

FB - Tom & Jerry are definitely well known and enjoyed classics. I'm not sure why so many love those. Somehow the appeal escapes me and always has.

Serenity - I believe that most, if not all, the ones you mention are on Nickelodeon. For some reason, N tends towards Cartoon Network over Nickelodeon. Also, while he used to like Spongebob he now tells me he is too old (at the ripe old age of 9) for that show.