Monday, November 12, 2007

Scattered Thoughts

Another day, another lack of inspiration. Nothing like signing up to post daily to wipe the mind free of ideas and thoughts. Actually I do have a few scattered thoughts of little to no consequence bouncing around, and I will share them here in the hopes of freeing the mind for more important thoughts, or even just the ability to concentrate on work.
• Gladys had her husband Abner plant some shrubs in their yard to restore privacy. It should be a few years before they actually provide privacy from the looks of them.
• So far, having looked over to their yard several times in the past few days I can report that there really isn’t anything worth looking over to see, but I keep hoping. After all, if she wants the privacy so badly there must be something worth seeing over there.
• The people across the street and down a ways had a yard sale on Saturday. When it got later in the day and they were ready to close up, they gave N a plethora of junk goodies for free. Just what we need at our house, more clutter treasures.
• The lump in my breast could be a cyst or a lymph node or breast tissue. We still don’t know yet because the medical people are sadists and would prefer to keep me in the dark for as long as possible.
• If you are reading this and happen to be a medical person (doctor, nurse, tech, whatever), please please please treat your patients like intelligent human beings until the patient proves to be otherwise. Do not talk down to me as though I have the IQ of a slug. I may not know all the medical terminology, but I am capable of understanding it without you explaining it as though I am a first grader.
• I figured out another big, big reason that I’ve been withdrawn. I’m worried about the medical tests, and whether I have cancer. My first thought went to N and how I would take care of him if I had to go through chemo and/or radiation. I know that I am probably way premature in my worries, but since I don’t know my mind goes to worst case scenario. I don’t want to talk to others in real life about the situation until I know whether it is nothing or something. The only people IRL with whom I've discussed it are BJ, one friend who pushed to know why I was avoiding everyone, and to a small extent, W. Nobody else knows, except you, my imaginery cyber friends who don't really exist.


freebird said...

No we don't exist.... but we're still here!
Try not to worry. Non-existent hug for you.

Bunny said...

I'm like you, in that my mind wanders to the worst case scenario. Just remember that the vast majority of breast lumps are benign.

I recently had a uterine biopsy and they are taking their sweet time getting back to me as well. Since uterine cancer runs in the the family, it concerns me. I haven't even told my husband. How's that for lame?

Stinkypaw said...

Take it as it comes, don't go into your head and start making up the worst case scenario! Give yourself a break woman!

And doctors do talk to us as dumbasses, don't they? Hate that!

Val said...

"Don't exist"?!?
I resemble that remark!!!

Trueself said...

FB - I'm always happy to accept non-existent hugs from my non-existent friends. ;-)

Bunny - I don't think it's lame at all. I completely understand.

SP - I'm in a better frame of mind today, and yes, giving myself a break.

Val - No, now you I know exist because you've left me voicemails. Wait a minute. . . does that mean all you people really are out there? Aaaggghhh!
[Runs and hides]