Sunday, November 11, 2007

Obligatory NaBloPoMo Post

I got nothin' here. The following is probably one of the top ten worst posts I've ever posted here.

This weekend has had two major characteristics:
1. Illini
2. Sleep

Yep, that's about all I've accomplished this weekend.

Of course, everything else had to fit in around the Illini football game yesterday and the Illini basketball game today.

In case you haven't heard (and if you haven't what the hell is wrong with you?) the Illini football team beat Ohio State yesterday. Ohio State was ranked #1 in the nation. Notice I say was. After losing yesterday at home to the Illini however, they've fallen to #7. Ain't that a shame? Serves 'em right for always thinking they're so high and mighty. Anyway the game came on at 2:30 in the afternoon and lasted until about 6:00, eating a good chunk of the afternoon.

In spite of that, we managed to fit in an early matinee showing of Nightmare Before Christmas. I'd never seen it, and it's been rereleased in 3D so I took N and a friend of his to see it. I must say that 3D technology has come a long way since I was a kid.

Today, we attended the Illini basketball home opener. The Illini won, but they sure didn't look like a good team. Hopefully, they'll get better as the season continues.

Other than that, all I've done all weekend is sleep. I have got to start getting eight hours a night and see if that will help me. I can barely do anything on weekends but sleep anymore. So much around the house goes undone.

Excuse me, I think I need another nap now.


Bunny said...

I'm still surprised about that Ohio State game - I don't think even Illini fans saw that one coming! It's good to see OSU taken down a notch, even if it does mean we no longer have a Big 10 team at #1.

I don't get much done these days either. Let's hire housekeepers, whadda ya say?

Val said...

I'd LOVE to hire a housekeeper, but it seems to work w/me like I'm the Black Widow of employers -- I have tried about half-a-dozen over the yrs & cannot find a reliable one?!? & I absolutely swear that my standards are not THAT high!!!
& maybe I can convince Z to go see Nightmare B4 Xmas w/me...

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you just have to write. It gets us all. I am so surprised at your Illini beating Ohio St., most impressive.

mia said...

CONGRATULATIONS ILLINI!!!! Was great to read about the great victory in the paper this morning. I was stuck working all day Saturday so I didn't get to watch the game, but oh man! That's just awesome. :)

Trueself said...

Bunny - I sure didn't see it coming. Gee, I love good surprises though.

Sad to say I already have a housekeeper. Unfortunately, they only deal with keeping the place sanitary, not with the clutter.

Val - We had a great housekeeper in California and have cycled through many inadequate ones since then. We have yet to find a way to talk the CA one into moving to LNJ, darn it!

SM - It's the most impressive I've seen the Illini this year, and what a great time to pull it together!

Mia - Oh man, you should've seen the game. It was awesome, particularly the look on the OSU fans' faces in the fourth quarter. Priceless!