Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

This is my Official Thanksgiving Day Post. Notice I have date stamped it for Thanksgiving day even though I'm posting it early. I will have absolutely no internet access tomorrow since I'll be in the Land of the Luddites (aka parents' house) so I'll have no chance to post this tomorrow. So if it's still Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, go away and come back and read this tomorrow. If it is Thursday or later, then welcome! Happy Thanksgiving!

I found some good information on Thanksgiving on this site. Give it a visit if you have the chance. Lots of history here about Thanksgiving, little like that taught to me when I was in school. (or was I just not listening?) I found it interesting.

And now, the traditional "What I am Thankful For" list:
  • My health
  • The people I love - N and BJ particularly
  • My job, because I had just about given up on ever having a good job again until I found this one
  • Everyone who comments on my blog whether it's often or only occasional - Bunny, Freebird, Fiona, Drama, Cat, Serenity, Fusion, Silent Male, Al Laddin, Jaded Bunny, Stinkypaw, Digger, Val, Desmond Jones, Hopeless Flirt, Mia, D, Nutty Man, Fatso, and all the rest that I'm forgetting right now
  • That I have a family, even if I bitch about them, because at least I have them and can depend on them when I really need them
  • That I live in a country where I am allowed to have my opinions and voice them even when they are not popular or in line with the current administration
  • God's grace that is there not only for me but for all who seek it


SeaRabbit said...

I wish you a very good Thanksgiving day!

freebird said...

Thank you for being thankful!
I hope you had a good one.

Trueself said...

Searabbit and FB - Thank you. It was okay, and as far as Thanksgivings go in our family that is something about which we should all be thankful!