Monday, November 05, 2007

Weekend Update

Okay, so you didn’t have to have that much patience before me posting about the weekend. You benefited from my waiting times while running queries this morning. Lucky you.

In football action, the Illini won so that was good. They beat Minnesota. Minnesota doesn’t have a very good team this year so it would have been a huge disappointment if the Illini had lost that one. Next week we face Ohio State in Columbus. I think we can just already chalk that one up to the loss column, but then again flukes happen. You just never know. Yeah, I’ll probably watch it on TV.

What? What’s that? Oh, that part of the weekend. Oh yeah. Right. Ain’t nobody coming around here looking for Illini updates. How is Trueself’s life going? Did she and BJ get back together to live happily ever after? Did they make love at odd hours all through the night and day? Oh yeah that part. Well, I’m coming to that part. Be patient. I’m trying to gather my thoughts, scattered things that they are rattling around in this empty head. I’m trying to organize here. Do I go chronologically, or by theme, or randomly as the thoughts pop into the forefront? As always, more questions than answers here. I think this will be a skimming the surface kind of post, maybe with bullet points, each of which could be fleshed out later in more detailed blogposts if necessary. Ah yes, that’s it! This is a brainstorming post, random thoughts about the weekend. Organization and fleshing out the details to come later. Yes, okay, now I’m ready to start the post.
Yes, so. . .
On with the post:

• It’s a long way to BJ’s place from mine, several hours of monotonous Midwestern plains between us.
• I approached the weekend with caution, and probably didn’t let my guard down much until Saturday afternoon/evening.
• Which is not to say that we didn’t indulge in physical pleasures prior to that, we did. I wasn’t going to be that guarded.
• BJ and I had a long serious discussion on Saturday afternoon, about realities, expectations, fairy tales, plans, patience, intentions.
• It was very difficult, but very necessary, to leave on Sunday, and I ended up leaving about an hour later than I originally intended mostly due to the difficulty in saying goodbye to the man I love for any length of time.
• I pointed out to BJ several times during the weekend that we were being on of those couples whom he has envied so much. We were the couple sitting in the restaurant, smiling, talking, holding hands, looking at each other with love in our eyes.
• I came away from the weekend confident that BJ and I are meant to be US, that we are both going to take the steps we have to take to be US, and that we have agreed to very realistic plans on how to make that happen, plans that don’t include immediacy or magic or inflexibility on either of our parts.

So there you have it. There are probably at least three or four separate posts waiting to be written from those bullet points, but that kind of gives the gist of the weekend. Also, it will serve me well as a reminder to the various points upon which I wish to expand in future posts.


Bunny said...

I really truly hope things work out for the two of you. Despite my own experience, I want desperately to believe in love. I'm rooting for you!

freebird said...

Me too.
Just make sure it isn't just you doing all the flexing.
I'm in a huggy mood today!

Val said...

"I wasn’t going to be that guarded." *SNORT!*
Boy howdy, do I know how THAT works!
& now I'd better trot off & work on my OWN post instead of cluttering up your comments...
Seriously, though, I'm happy for ya babe ;-)!

Trueself said...

Bunny - Please don't give up on love sweetie. Many of us have given our love to the wrong person at some time. The hardest part is getting over it and moving on to the next one.

FB - Oh no, I am certainly not the only one doing the flexing.

Val - Glad I could give you a good chuckle to start your day. ;-)