Saturday, March 08, 2008

Should I Just Hide in My Cave Then?

Today's horoscope:

A social event can get completely out of hand if too many strong emotions are expressed too quickly. Everyone has his or her own set of needs, which can complicate your life as each person tries to control what's happening. The problem is that no one can make things return to normal. Letting go of previous expectations can liberate you from a frustrating cycle.

Good gravies, how eerily appropriate for today.

Good thing I have a guardian angel watching over from just a couple of hours away. ;-)

BTW, turns out yesterday's stupidity was maybe not so stupid after all. Sometimes I'm stronger than I think.

Mysterious, eh? Gotta figure it all out myself before I know how to share it.


The Silent Male said...

See, its like I said, you just needed to keep hanging in there. Try to keep in mind that BJ is not his normal self right now. He is still down on himself for what happened between the two of you, his ego is big time bruised by the other girl. I think some other stuff is going on in life that are really distracting too.

Ok, I rambled a bit. I am just hoping that somehow I can say something that will keep your thoughts on being careful and not rushing (back) into anything.

Drama said...

I hope this posts means what I think it me when you are free. ;-)