Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter?

Hope all you readers (yeah, all four of you) are having a nice Easter Sunday. Mine has had it's ups and downs so far, and we're only about halfway through the afternoon.

Good stuff about today:
*N loved his Easter basket goodies: chocolate bunny, peanut butter cups, socks, slippers, Spiderman temporary tattoos and a Captain Underpants book. The Easter Bunny knows his audience well.
*Church was good, crowded but not overly so, and the pastor gave a good sermon.
*Lunch with N was at my favorite restaurant and included a piece of decadent mint brownie pie to go. It's still in the refrigerator for later.
*I got to sleep in until 8:30.

Bad stuff about today:
*W and N got into it first thing this morning causing W to storm out of the house saying he might be back today as he slammed the door. This caused me to wonder where the adults are here.
*W attended church but refused to speak to N or me, and when I walked up to him during coffee hour to ask him if he would be having lunch with N and me he said no. Guess it's good I came home specifically so that W could be part of our Easter celebration.
*W ambled in a little after we finished an Easter egg hunt with N and one of his buddies in our front yard. W was miffed that he missed it. After his earlier comment I didn't realize I should wait for him to come home for the hunt. Silly me.

So we've had our ups and downs today. Right now N is happily playing with friends, I'm watching March Madness and W is sitting with me drinking coffee and looking sullen. Life goes on. . .

In other news, I had an interesting dream last night. I dreamed that I was trying to seduce W apparently because he had once again begged me to stay and the only way I would was if he would agree to sex. He promised we would. We went up to the bedroom. He kept making one excuse after another to put it off. I tried to kiss him. He turned and walked away. I tried several times to start something and each time was rebuffed. I said to him that he had done nothing to change my mind about our situation, and he looked hurt. That's all of the dream that I remember. I see it as kind of the last two years all played out in one afternoon in the dream. Just like I told him in the dream "It is too late to turn back now."

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