Tuesday, September 12, 2006


For 20 years, I thought that I wanted mint chocolate chip ice cream, that I loved mint chocolate chip ice cream, that I craved mint chocolate chip ice cream. Instead, what I had was vanilla ice cream, and it was good for a while, but not really satisfying because I really wanted mint chocolate chip, or so I thought. But I continued on with the vanilla ice cream because it’s what I had, and the mint chocolate chip wasn’t available. I settled and decided that I would just have to be happy with vanilla. Finally, vanilla just wasn’t doing it for me any more, and truth be told, the supply was getting pretty slim and the quality wasn’t so great anymore. So I tried to get some mint chocolate chip, and I did, a little, but I couldn’t get a steady supply. I looked around and tried other flavors – some rocky road, and butter pecan, and even some strawberry, but when it came right down to it, I really thought I wanted the mint chocolate chip. I struggled to make do with the butter pecan and what little vanilla had to offer me. Then one day I tried chocolate ice cream. At first I was a little tentative. It was different than anything I’d had before, but I really liked chocolate. But what if there were finally mint chocolate chip available? And lo and behold, it finally was. But by now, I already had a taste of chocolate, and much to the surprise of even myself I found that I really preferred chocolate over mint chocolate chip. So I put the mint chocolate chip back in the freezer case and left with a big ole’ serving of chocolate ice cream. Unfortunately, I wasn't careful enough with my chocolate ice cream and dropped it in the parking lot, and I'm not sure I can pick it back up before it all melts and gets away.

Now, anybody who thinks this story is all about frozen dairy products would be wrong. . . way wrong.

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