Sunday, September 10, 2006


Got home from an afternoon with extended family, and found the following email waiting for me:

You and I made an agreement that I was not to contact you unless I had decided to perhaps give you a chance know. If you still are in love with me, and you still want to be with me, and I am not too late, then I am ready to give you that opportunity. I had to do what I felt I needed to do. Now, I still feel that I need to do something.

With that in mind, I hope that I am not late. Will you please call me as soon as you receive this email? I really want to talk to you. I propose that we try again for another day soon to meet in xxxxxx or wherever, and you take care of the hotel and I will take care of dinner afterwards. What do you think? We can take care of it however you want. I promise that it is not about a mercy f***, but something that I really want to do...WITH YOU. The "unless and until" has arrived as far as I am concerned. I know this comes as a major surprise, but it is true. We can talk, during, after, or whatever. Will you still be interested? Please call me later, if at all possible.


Whoa. In light of my developing feelings for Z, now what do I do? Boy, to say this comes as a major surprise is the understatement of the year. Holy shit. I am sitting here completely stunned. OH.MY.GOD.


freebird said...

Oh. My. God... indeed! Exciting and maddening. My first thought, true, is to play it cooooooooooool.
I'll be thinking of you.

Pink said...

Holy Cow! Do you think he is serious? Think things through. Don't give up on Z. just to be with J. Things may not be what they seem and then where would you be?