Thursday, April 10, 2008

Filling in a Gap

Ah yes, I realized upon reading Summer's comment to my last post that I haven't shared here on this blog that BJ and N have met. N knows BJ only as a friend of mine. Here's the story. It happened last month the weekend BJ and I reconciled and W was out of town on a fishing trip.

One thing that weekend did was give BJ and N a chance to get to meet one another. Now please understand that I only introduced BJ as a friend from out of town who wanted to go to the basketball game with us. N accepted that explanation without question and took a liking to BJ right away. N is by nature an outgoing fellow, but he is particularly happy when men pay positive attention to him since W isn’t the greatest at that. N was thrilled when I told him that my friend BJ was coming to visit and wanted to know all about him. He even asked if BJ had a girlfriend, and I told him that he did until recently but that they had just broken up very recently. When BJ arrived on Friday evening, N insisted on showing him his bedroom, what I like to call “the Illini suite” because it is really two adjoining rooms, one his bedroom and the other his playroom, and it is decorated in the Illini orange and blue.

Of course, with N in the house I wasn’t about to share a bed with BJ so all was platonic (or nearly so) on Friday night. BJ and I talked briefly that night about our situation and agreed to discuss it more the next evening when we would have time to ourselves since N would be spending Saturday night at a friend’s house.

On Saturday N, BJ and I had a great time together. We went out and had doughnuts for breakfast prior to attending the basketball game. N enjoyed showing BJ around when we went to the Assembly Hall for the game. N was appalled (as well he should be) to learn that BJ is an Iowa Hawkeyes fan, but was heartened when BJ bought an Illini hat for himself. N and I are pretty sure we can convert BJ to the Orange and Blue yet. ;-) We all had a great time at the game, last of the regular season, and the Illini won so that was good. After the game we returned home and while BJ got on his laptop to do a few things, I let N use my laptop to play some games on I marvel at how well behaved N is when W is not around. Somehow W and N just feed off of each other and pick and poke and needle until they are both angry, frustrated and hurt. When W is not around N is just your typical kid who does typical kid things, and yes you probably have to say “No” two or three times instead of just once because he’ll try to negotiate, but he isn’t unreasonable. All of this just to say that I spent some time observing as N and BJ interacted with one another, and I liked what I saw. I liked how they got along with each other. Although it isn’t an overriding factor in BJ’s favor, it certainly is a help because anyone I might consider engaging in a serious relationship would not make it far if he didn’t get along well with N. It made me happy that N and BJ seemed to genuinely like each other.

Okay, so now you know how N knows BJ. I forgot that I hadn't mentioned that here before. As a matter of fact I combed last month's archives trying to find some mention of it and was surprised that I hadn't mentioned it. Maybe it was just too new, us being back together, for me to feel comfortable talking about it.


freebird said...

Hmmmm (scratching head) I was sure you'd mentioned them meeting at some point. Could it have been when you were temporarily living in your own little place a while back? Nope, I'm probably completely wrong!

Trueself said...

FB - If you got a deja vu feeling reading this post there is a reason. Remember that you are one of the trusted few with whom I had shared a bit more elsewhere. ;-)

Summer said...

Thanks for sharing. I feel better now :)

Trueself said...

Summer - Glad to fill in the gap in the story for you. Sometimes I forget how much or how little I've shared here.