Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Tax Day

Let me start the day by saying that just because it is Tax Day doesn't mean that as an accountant my life changes in any way. Not all accountants do taxes. I don't do taxes, in spite of the fact that's what I majored in for my masters degree. Nope, Tax Day is just another day to me. Life goes on. Work goes on.

Yesterday, W called me and asked for my drivers license number. I gave it to him, but being the nosy beotch that I am I asked the reason for his inquiry. Apparently, he needed it to file our state income taxes. Sounds fishy to me, but hell, I don't care if he has my drivers license number so I gave it to him. I did make inquiry on the tax front since it was my understanding that he'd filed our taxes about a month ago. His answer: "I thought so too, but I guess I didn't." WTF kind of answer is that?!?!? So today I will make doubly sure that both the federal and state (two states since we lived in two last year) taxes have been filed for us. Thank goodness next year I'll be filing on my own.

Oh yes, just so you know, my birthday is in a week. Presents are always welcome. If you can't think of a good gift, just send cash, or gift cards, or negotiable securities. I'm flexible. ;-)


kimba said...

If you wanted people to send you presents you wouldn't have started out reminding them about tax first..

Trueself said...

Kimba - LOLOLOLOL I'm such an accountant that never even occurred to me. Duh! Shoulda saved the solicitation for another post on another day.