Monday, April 07, 2008

Monday, Monday

Yep, it's just another Monday. Well, not just any Monday. It's NCAA Basketball Championship Monday. Kansas is playing against Memphis. My bracket is totally blown as I had UNC taking on UCLA tonight. Sigh. . . . I will end up around 170th out of a bit more than 200 entrants in the office pool. It's my worst finish in the pool in years though I never win. Normally though I can make it up into the top 100. Well, there's always next year. I'm having to cheer for Memphis because I can't stand to cheer for the team coached by the traitorous Bill Self. I never cared for KU, but when Self left Illinois to become KU's head coach that clinched it. I hate KU so much now that I would even root for Duke over them, and I never root for Duke.

Sorry, didn't mean this to become a basketball post, but I'm sitting here watching the game (of course I'm watching the game, I even made N wait for me to put him to bed until halftime; it is college basketball after all; priorities must be maintained) so it's hard to think of anything else.

W is still here. I am not so happy about that. He has, however, taken off his wedding band. I'm not sure when he did that exactly but it was sometime in the last week. I noticed it yesterday morning, but then I don't really look at him that often so I'm not sure when it came off. I think that's a good sign that he's starting to accept that yes, it really and truly is over. Now if he would just take himself out of my house life would be good. As far as I can tell, W and N are getting along again, or at least they are getting along as well as ever.

One last basketball note. This is one time I miss being on the West Coast where the game started at dinner time and ended long before bedtime. As it is I'll struggle to stay awake long enough to watch the final One Shining Moment montage when it's all over.

My sincere apologies for this post to those who aren't basketball fans. However, I endured football season. Y'all can endure the occasional basketball post.


Late edit:
KU won. In OT. Figures.

Oh, and I'm replying to comments again. Go back and catch up on the last few days' posts if you like reading the comments and you'll see my additions.


Cat said...

I am glad to know I am not the only one who sucked wind with the bracket this year...sheesh. I usually do much better. But like you I had UNC and UCLA...

Trueself said...

Cat - Hey, they seemed like logical choices. The problem with that is that the tourney always defies logic. Maybe I should go with one of those wacky choosing methodologies next time, like which teams have the best colors on their uniforms or which mascot good beat the other in a fight. (so would a bear beat a tiger or the other way around?)