Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Anybody Else Wanna Kick Me?

Men really seem to love to blindside me lately.

Scenario #1:
I got a voicemail at work from W late this morning telling me he has moved out. The movers came and moved his furniture this morning. Well, this is not a complete shock since he originally told me he’d be out on April 1 and here it is April 16. However, he did not tell me in advance when he would be leaving. He didn’t even tell me last night or even this morning as I was leaving for work. No, he decides to wait and give me a call after it is already done. Whoosh. Just like that.

It is jarring when things like this happen. I like to know ahead of time. I’m not so good with these spur of the moment announcements. However, over and over lately I’ve had to go back to something the counselor said to me recently, “This behavior isn’t so different from the behavior that was present before the split, and it was that type of behavior that contributed to the split.” Yes, dear counselor, you are so very right. His behavior is not so different. Why should I expect him to act differently just because we are splitting up? Crazy. That’s what I am. Crazy.

Scenario #2:
Boss emails a request to me for a report and asks if I can have it done by Monday. I reply back that it looks fairly simple, explain the logic to be used to capture the data, and tell him that Monday or before should be no problem. I then begin working on the request. He emails back later questioning not only my logic but the original request of the requestor and tells me to hand it over to a colleague for review. If he didn’t think I was capable of handling it (I am quite capable, and I understand it better than he does) then why did he send it my way to start? Why not just give it to the trusted colleague from the beginning? Pffft. . .

Scenario #3:
My period started today, just two days before BJ and I will be spending the weekend together. How is this a man blindsiding me? Because it's bad and it happened to me today. Reason enough right there. BTW, this may be contributing to the bitchiness in me that has come out mightily in the last couple of days. It must be a man's fault somehow. I don't know how, but I'm just sure of it.

Anybody else want to pull the rug out from under me? Anybody? Anybody?

And in other news, my birthday is now just six days away. In case you've forgotten my wish list, cash, gift cards and negotiable securities are always accepted. ;-)
(See Kimba? I didn't mention taxes first this time!)

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