Thursday, April 17, 2008

Isabella's Sex Meme

That wonderfully randy rabbit Bunny has tagged me for another meme. This one gets right down to the nitty gritty. I tell you up front so you can decide whether or not to proceed further into this post.

This is Isabella’s Sex Meme. Anyone is welcome to steal it but you must post this rules blurb at the beginning of the meme:
1. You must include this link to Sex Talk - Sex Advice for Men. (I hadn't visited Isa's blog until Bunny tagged me for this meme, but I guarantee I'll be back to it in the future. Check it out if you're interested in sex.)
2. You must answer every question! If you don’t have a good answer, you are strongly encouraged to make up something good; we like to be entertained.
3. You must tag three people.

1. Sex in the Morning or Sex at Night?
Yes. Oh well, if I have to choose I guess at night, but only because things are so hectic at my house in the mornings.

2. Better Sex Music - Sade or Marvin Gaye?
If those are my only choices then Sade.

3. Naughty Pics or Naughty Home Videos?
Pictures are nice, but videos are even better.

4. Fabulous Sex With: Dr Doug Ross or Dr Greg House?

Dr. Doug Ross, hands down, without question.

5. Vibrator or Dildo?

6. Bedroom Sex: Lights Off or Lights On?

Lights on!!!!!!!!!

7. Word Preference: Pussy or Cunt?
Pussy. In most cases, I hate the word "cunt."

8. Spanking Over the Knee or Spanking Only During Sex?

Only during sex.

9. More Exciting: Sex in an Elevator or Sex in an Aeroplane?

Elevator, preferably a glass elevator. ;-)

10. Ron Jeremy or Peter North?
Good grief. Another one where there is no good choice. I guess Ron Jeremy if I had to choose. He seems more "real" to me.

11. Word Preference? Cock or dick?

As Bunny said, cock, when I'm being positive, dick when I'm being negative.

12. Linda Lovelace or Jenna Jameson?
Linda Lovelace.

13. Rope Bondage or Bondage Tape?

Rope, although I haven't tried tape so I might change my mind given the chance to try tape.

14. Give Rim Job or Receive Anal Sex?
Receive anal sex. One of my few boundaries is that I just can't give or receive a rim job. It makes me go "Eeeewwwwwwww!!!!!!!"

15. Get Rich Stripping in a Skanky Bar or Get Rich as a Call Girl for Celebs?
Stripping. It's a more controlled environment, and the bouncers at the skanky bars I've been to are really protective of the dancers.

16. Which Threesome - Boy/Girl/Girl or Boy/Boy/Girl?
Both sound great, but Boy/Girl/Girl gives me the chance to indulge the bi side of me so I'll choose that one.

17. Flavoured Oil or Tingling Oil?

Flavoured I guess. Haven't had any experience with either.

18. Pearl Necklace or Swallow?
Swallow. Absolutely. Every time.

19. Sex While Strangers Watch or Sex With a Stranger?
Sex while strangers watch. It appeals to the exhibitionist in me.

20. Tied to the Bed or to a St Andrew’s Cross?
Haven't tried the cross but would like to. I know I like tied to the bed, though so I guess I'll pick that one.

Tagging the following three victims participants if they are brazen brave enough to do it:

1. BJ - just because I think I'll know most of his answers but would love to see if I'm right.
2. Drama - because what are friends for after all?
3. Mia - because she can always use a distraction from that dissertation. Right Mia? ;-)


Isabella Snow said...

Bondage tape is lovely, and cheap! And it doesn't stick to your skin or hair, you should try it! Thanks for doing my meme!

Bunny said...

Rimming used to be totally off-limits for me too, until I met PiC. That man could talk me into anything. So long as everyone is clean and fresh, it's amazing. I never thought I would enjoy receiving, but WOW! do I ever. Giving is great for the reaction it elicits. One of my friends uses a dental dam or even plastic wrap between her tongue and her boyfriend to rim him. He finds it just as stimulating as a bare tongue. Something to consider!

Thanks for playing!!!

Val said...

Whew! I can quit holding my breath 'cuz you didn't tag me...
Now I'm going to have to google WTF a St Andrew's cross is?!? naive lil' ol' me...

Trueself said...

IS - I'll have to try the tape on of these days. Who knows? Maybe this weekend with BJ.

Bunny - Umm, sorry, nope. Just can't go there.

Val - Yeah, I tried to think of people to tag that wouldn't faint or be totally peeved if I tagged them.