Sunday, April 06, 2008

Another Stolen Meme

This one comes from my friend Bunny. It's okay that I stole it though because she didn't tag anyone and offered for anybody to take it. You think she'll believe I stole it just as a favor to her? Yeah, me neither.

1. I can’t believe I’ve never…
gotten a speeding ticket given my penchant for speeding.

2. Every time I think about … I still cringe.
my behavior when J came back into my life

3. I wish I’d …when I had the chance.
pursued my PhD

4. I’ve never felt so out of place as when I…
attended the Lutheran church in LOH as someone not of German heritage, not related to anyone else in the congregation, and not a second or third generation member of the church. To say they didn't warmly welcome outsiders is akin to saying that UNC fans don't warmly welcome Duke supporters.

5. … is my guiltiest pleasure.
Time spent with my friends

6. I hope … know(s) how grateful I am for …
Drama, her friendship.

7. In my darkest hours, I secretly blame … for my dysfunction.
my parents (yeah, I know that's a totally cliché answer)

8. … changed my life forever.
Being laid off from my job in California


Bunny said...

I've been to churches like the one you mentioned. Not comfortable.

No speeding tickets? Wow. I'm impressed. I've had, um, more than I can remember.

Trueself said...

Bunny - I wonder how Jesus would feel about churches like that? Oh, never mind, I'm pretty sure I know the answer to that.

No speeding tickets. I would like to say it is due to my impeccable driving skills. However, I suspect it is much more due to dumb luck. That and I never ever hit the brakes when I see a police car. It's a dead giveaway.