Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Kids Say the Darndest Things, Episode 373

Sometimes N just surprises the heck out of me sometimes. Tonight's conversation over dinner was one of those times.

N: Will I ever have a dad again?

TS: Dad will always be your dad.

N: I know, but will I ever have like a real dad that lives with us?

TS: Maybe, if I fall in love with a man and you get along well with him.

N: So you have to love him, and he has to be nice to me?

TS: Yes, that's pretty much it.

N: What about BJ?

TS: What about him? Do you like him?

N: Yeah, he's like a rock star.

TS: Really? Well, he lives a very long way away, and I'm not even divorced yet so I think we should just wait a while before we go there.


freebird said...

I bet you were inwardly grinning from ear to ear!

Bunny said...

Ditto to freebird's comment! A "rock star"? Wow. High praise!

Summer said...

He knows about you and BJ?!

Trueself said...

FB - Absolutely!

Bunny - That is N's highest form of praise, bestowing the beloved "rock star" label.

Summer - Oops! Forgot I hadn't mentioned that here. See my next post.