Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hoping I'm Better This Weekend

I'm sick. I have a cold. When I got home from work today I put on my Eeyore sweatshirt with my blue sweatpants, made an easy, heat it up, dinner, and then helped N with his math homework.

I'm tired. Early bedtime for me. Think I'll go watch the rest of the presidential debate in bed and drift off to dreamland.


Fusion said...

OH NO!!!

Chicken soup, vit C, ecanesha, and rest!

You must be well!!! ;)

I hope you feel better True!

C-Marie said...

awe... get better, TS.

Desmond Jones said...

Hope you're feelin' better soon, Truey. I'm in the 'final recovery' stages of a cold, meself.

But rest up - the weekend might be the least bit, uh, strenuous. . . ;)

See you there. . .

FTN said...

I hope you are feeling better today! As Fusion said... chicken soup fixes everything.