Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Top Ten List

Although most of you have found ample reason lately to hate me apparently from indications in your comments to my last post some of you don't get it. I thought I'd help you out just in case you're still under the delusion that I'm still likable.

Top Ten Reasons To Hate Me That You Didn't Even Know

10. My house is a pig sty.
9. I haven't taken my meds, except my Prozac, on a regular basis for two months now because I'm trying to save money by rationing them.
8. I'm behind on most of my bills and only pay them when they start calling.
7. I sponge off BJ as much as my pride will allow even though I hate myself for it.
6. My yard is more of a disaster than my house.
5. I have gained back 130 of the 140 pounds I lost a few years ago.
4. I suffer from major road rage and have been known to try hard to intimidate other drivers that I deem to be idiots, and the black SUV I drive doesn't hurt in that effort.
3. I am so insecure that I will not confront you when you upset me. Instead I will apologize all over myself to try to make things right.
2. I would rather stay in bed and sleep than get up off my fat ass and do anything.

And the NUMBER ONE reason to hate me that you didn't even know:
1. I am completely and totally too sensitive to others' criticisms.

Comments are closed for this posting. I don't need more hatred spewed at me, and I damned sure don't need anybody trying to make me feel better.