Thursday, October 16, 2008

Little Updates

The Cold
Feeling a bit better this morning. The throat is no longer scratchy and sore because the mucous is no longer draining down the back of my throat. Now it’s thickened up and taken residence in my sinuses. It’s still fluid enough that I can blow it out and get temporary relief though. I’ve gone through a tree’s worth of tissues blowing my nose. Hopefully if I rest I’ll be ready for the weekend. Heck, even if the cold is worse I wouldn’t miss this weekend for anything in the world.

This Weekend
Very much looking forward to it. On the other hand, I’m kind of nervous about it. After all here I am, the shyest person on earth, heading out to meet several bloggers whom I know only through their written words. Oh sure, I can talk like the dickens when I’m hiding here behind the keyboard, but in person?!? Yikes! Besides I have this fear that there will be some there who will look at me as though I were a specimen in a jar in a biology lab, wanting to see just what an adulteress wife looks like. Hope I don’t disappoint them.

Evil W is still on hand. Good W is nowhere to be seen. W had N on Tuesday from after school until around 8:30 p.m. He assured me he would feed N dinner (as well he should before 8:30 p.m.). Shortly after N arrived home he asked me what was for dinner. I stopped short. I’d already had mine and hadn’t anticipated having to fix some for him. Besides it was his bedtime. I called W because I couldn’t believe that W never even offered N dinner as N claimed. Turns out N was right. “Oops, I goofed,” was W’s answer. Goofed? GOOFED?!? Not feeding your kid is a goof? Sigh. . . So of course I made N some dinner, and he got to bed late that night.

Just because I’m nice and laid back and let things slide it doesn’t mean my feelings don’t get hurt. They do. My feelings get hurt big time sometimes. I hate putting up protective walls around me, but I do. Every time my feelings get hurt the wall comes up just a bit higher. I want to be open to people. I want to let them in. I do. Right now I can’t. The walls are up high right now. Shields activated. Just try and hurt me. It will bounce right off because I’ve put up the barriers. You can’t get in.

If this weren’t so frustrating it would be hilarious. A little background is in order first. Normally when a report request comes to me all I can see in terms of when it was requested is the date that my boss sends the request to me. I have no idea when the report was actually requested by the user. However, today a rep emailed me and asked if I had a certain report in my queue. I did not. Just a little while ago, my boss sent the request to me asking me to work on it ASAP as the rep is getting heat from the customer for it. So this time I know the timeline of things. I know that on Monday the rep requested the report and it landed in my boss’s queue. I know that it has a requested due date of 10/15 (yes, that would be yesterday). I know that my boss did not assign the request to me until this afternoon. Now it needs to be done ASAP. Since when does someone else’s incompetence turn into my urgent priority? Oh, that’s right, when he controls whether or not I have a job. Welcome to my world.


Desmond Jones said...

I'm looking forward to this weekend, too, Truey. Even declined tickets to the MSU-OSU game to be there. So you can feel very, VERY special.

I'm shy, too, but I don't really feel like I'm meeting a bunch of strangers. It'll be fun to put faces/voices to the folks I've gotten to 'know' in blog-space. I'll admit to a certain anxiety that I won't 'click' in person with folks I've gotten to genuinely like in blog-space.

And I dunno, we already feel like 'curiosities' sometimes anyway - "Come See the Freakishly Fecund Family with Eight - Count 'Em, EIGHT, Children". So, ain't nobody gonna be there but us weird people, anyway. . .


C-Marie said...

Awe TS, Don't feel that way...(Although, I tend to agree with what you're saying, as I have my own discomforts about other people's expectations) I'm sure you're a hoot to hang out with and I'm sorry I can't be there to meet you!!!

Fill me in when you get back! I can't wait to hear about it!

Fusion said...

It'll be fun True, trust me I know, bloggers are great people to meet!

See you on Sat!