Thursday, October 02, 2008

Red or Blue?

A friend forwarded this to me. It'll help you see which presidential candidate is the right one for you. It's a survey. It gives you two quotes on an issue, one from Obama and one from McCain, but it doesn't indicate which one said what. You click on the quote that is closest to your convictions. In the end it will tell you who you are leaning towards, or should be anyway! Cool!

Click here to go to the quiz.

When I took it there were no surprises. As expected I didn't agree 100% with either candidate. Also as expected I leaned heavily toward Obama and away from McCain. I tried to make sure I was rating the statements on the statements alone and not trying to guess which candidate had said it (although in some cases it is just too obvious to be unaware of it) because I wanted to base it truly on how I feel about the issues and not skew it towards Obama because I wanted it to tell me I should be for Obama.

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